Monday, March 31, 2008


On Saturday night at work a good deal of the time is spent looking at my watch and figuring out the number of hours until "day's off". So why am I so anxious to have a day is a profile of this Sunday.

First on the list is laundry. It is always a good feeling to get that out of the way for the week and Sunday seems to be a good day as most of the people in the RV park have apparently picked a different day of the week to be their laundry day. At this time of year it is easier since the RV park has really emptied out....people heading home.
Then, at this time of year anyway, it is time for me to work on my tan for BB '08. I am pleased to report that for some strange reason, I actually tan in the Southwest. I have spent the bulk of my life in the Midwest and have never tanned. Since moving to the Southwest my skin does tan and believe me I really like that!!

Then we decided to go to Smith's Grocery Store. For Christmas the Avi gave us each a $25 gift card for Smith's. We have been waiting in vain for lobster to go on special to use them. Since that has not happened, we decided to use them up today, so 2 bottles of 750 ml Jack Daniel's found their way into the cart!! Imagine that! We also got an au gratin potato mix so we could have potatoes and ham for supper. Sounds like a plan...

Too hot to cook indoors so out come the volcano and dutch oven. That's OK since Rex has been dying to use them anyway.

Ah, the usual perfect result!!

We also managed to find time to stop at Circle H for a cocktail after our trip to Smith's. One of our favorite things to do is make lists while enjoying a day off cocktail. We usually have paper and pencil in the car, so we plan things. Today's plan revolved around our upcoming camp out at Pahrump the end of April. As usual, most of plans revolve around food!

By accident I have been growing my hair out. Finally today I managed to actually pull it back into a pony tail. When Rex asked me how many years it had been since I have had a pony tail, I really couldn't come up with a real answer. My best guess is between 15 and 25 years. At any rate a long, long, long time ago.

Last night after work I had the opportunity to chat with my son, Chad, and he mentioned that this week he will be making his reservation to visit us in Lake Tahoe in is always wonderful to see people from home and Chad is a good visitor. We are already planning a return trip to Placerville and hopefully we will also make a trip to Sutter's Mill-the site of the 1849 gold strike and beginning of the rush. I have been wanting to visit there as it is somewhat close to Lake Tahoe, but haven't made the trip yet....Chad's visit is a good excuse.

Can you guess just what in the hell this picture is all about...

or this picture??? After cocktails is just not the smartest time to start looking for stuff in the "basement", especially when all of a sudden the key lock decided to get stuck. So once again, Mary has to climb down the laundry chute (the first picture) and manually turn the lock from the inside. Really tight quarters as you can tell.

Ending the day with one more picture of a flowering cactus. They are really cool to see.


Anonymous said...

Mom you need to start having Rex climb in the laundry chute...loving the pic of the ponytail!!! You guys are always up to something:)Having some fun and sorry to hear no lobster..that sounds wonderful tho.....