Friday, March 14, 2008


Does anyone remember seeing pictures of the water "farm" and the rosemary plant in it? How about the "puppies"?? Well when the "puppies", otherwise known as tomato plants, didn't make it in the hydroponic experiment, Rex lost interest in the whole thing. So the careful measuring of chemicals to put in the water, the cleaning of the equipment, and the daily check of the water level were no longer of interest to him. So it became time to repot the rosemary plant in dirt.

Look at that root system.....and I cut about 6 inches of it off in order to get it out of the pot. It was not easy getting that plant out of the water farm but I got the job done.

This is a picture of a rosemary plant gone wild.....I have no idea how long it has been planted there but it is huge and loaded with bees. I didn't know you could plant rosemary like that. Learn something new everyday I guess.

I wonder if there is a lesson in this .......maybe the "Daves" and "Steves" in Spooner should be worried in case Uncle Hans looses interest!! Oh and Hans..... there is nothing in the world that could entice me to co-habitate with mice!!


Anonymous said...

It actually took me a lot more. I had to work on her for 6 months and she was still pretty mad when they showed up. Then, I had them home for 15 minutes and she was playing with them! She invented and designed their little plastic houses from her frezerware. She thinks they are cute. I miscalculated how bad they smell, so this weekend I am building an incubator in the garage so they can be out by the time she gets back. She never really even complained about the smell that much. It is wierd....