Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Monday, Monday....wasn't that a song by the "Mama's and Papa's"??? One of my favorite 60's groups. As everyone knows, we have Monday's off so we set off to Hooch's for 75 cent tacos. Our route today was the famous Route 66. Lots of color in the desert this year!!

I just love these orange flowers......they really stand out in the desert that is mostly full of yellow ones.

The yellowish stuff on this bush is really interesting. I have no clue what it actually is but it is almost web like. It is moist and silky like corn silk. Really amazing!!

Ah, our destination....Hooch's Bar and Grill. The reason for today's visit is to meet up with (bear with me..) my daughter's high school friend, Amy's, boyfriend. Last year Amy was here with her boyfriend whose Mother lives in Lake Havasu so this year he came back with his daughter and called us to meet again for the Monday "favorite".....

Taco's.......and don't they look absolutely great???? Even though the price increased by 50% this year from 50 cents to 75 cents we still love them!!! So do all the visitors we get and introduce them to.

Ok so we decided this was a working week end and the next thing on the list was to wash the Honda...of course we hand waxed it when we finally got home.

We decided we deserved another drink after all that work.....so here we are having another cocktail...You notice we are sitting outside to accommodate the "smoker"!!!!!

Gotta love those Mondays!!


Anonymous said...

Rex, Have you thought about giving them up and putting the money in the Belize fund for every pack you didn't buy? It would be over the top in no time.