Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here we are on vacation and without a "plan" for did that happen Rex? He is the ultimate plan maker and for all practical purposes we have seen everything we came here to see. So we decided to go and walk along the beach.

And what a beautiful beach it is to walk along!!!

Oh, did I forget to mention that for the first time since landing in Crescent City it was actually short weather today!!!! Thank God, my tan is fading fast!

This crab laying on the beach was still alive and I tried to throw it back in the water so it would live, unfortunately the very next wave washed it ashore again. And a sea gull quickly decided it would make a good lunch. We ended up going to a lounge for a margarita (or two) and a guy at the bar told us at this time of year these female crabs come on the beach to lay their eggs and if I would have buried it, it would probably have ignorance didn't do this crab any favors. Guess it just is the nature order of the food chain!!

We picked up several sand dollars.....they are pretty cool and Rex said today is the first time he has ever found any.

They are sure cool..

This is the underside of one that we felt was still alive.....we did throw it back in the ocean, hopefully for another chance at life!

This beautiful flower is actually blooming on what is called sea grass and it grows wild all over. In addition to this purple color, I have also seen yellow and pink ones.

All in all we had a great day walking on the beach and enjoyed the first warm weather we have had. Don't know what the plan is for the next two days, but on Saturday we are going to Gold Beach, Oregon (about 60 miles) to attend the 21st Art, Seafood, and Wine could I possible pass that up???

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