Thursday, November 20, 2008


Back in the old days we drove a Buick Rivera that had a Turbo charger. We sure miss the power in freeway driving, and excellent gas mileage we got with that car back in 2000. So I got thinking about a Turbo charger to our current under powered car.

While investigating the possibilities I ran into
vw turbo , a website selling Turbo chargers for you automobile. If you're like me and missing the power of '70's in automobiles now may be the time for you to visit vw turbo for a look see. The website is easy to use, just pull up your vehicle from the pull down menu, select the year of your vehicle and off you go to select a turbo charger for your current vehicle.

Good Luck and enjoy your new and Improved ride.


Anonymous said...

the riv is a supercharge not turbo;)