Friday, November 21, 2008

Village Players Community Theater

By Wendy

Just an update to let you know what I’ve been up to. I was asked by the Village Players Community Theater to run for office as a board member. I won. I was then elected treasurer by the board. (something that happens quite frequently). Then…auditions for the fall murder mystery and summer comedy productions were held yesterday. I have secured two roles and would like to forewarn all family and friends that you may be called upon to attend one of these performances. I am including my own synopsis after having read my two scripts.

Murder Medium Rare by Eileen Moushey

A murder mystery, dinner theater, audience participation play. I will be: Marjorie Richmond. Marjorie is a famous cookbook and entertainment author and expert. She is arrogant and condescending. She is about my age…50 +. She is a “bitch”. This will be hugely fun.

The dinner theater production will be held on Thursday November 6 and Saturday November 8. Tickets are already being sold for this Italian dinner being held at Voyager Village Clubhouse. They were being sold before I was even cast. It is a popular event and the clubhouse is a popular eating establishment. I will get information to you if you would like to attend…email me. Tickets are going fast

The Foreigner

A comedy in two acts will be presented in early August on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for two weekends. The likely dates are: July 30, 31 and August 1 and 2 as well as August 6, 8 and 9. We are actually having a meeting to finalize this in three weeks. I will be Betty Meeks, a 70 year old widow and owner of a fishing lodge about two hours away from Atlanta Georgia . (Yes I have to do a southern accent and my experience with Kim Ann Tucker is definitely going to help) This play originally ran at the Astor Place Theatre in New York City , then went on to various venues in cities across the US . Some members of our group have seen it in New York , Milwaukee and Minneapolis . It has always been well received.

Synopsis: Betty’s home and fishing lodge (think B&B) is the target of a takeover. She does not know this. A frequent guest brings a friend on his annual visit whom he portrays as a “Foreigner” unable to speak English and unfamiliar with our ways. Betty is intrigued, as are the other guests. I will not spoil the plot at this point. Suffice it to say, the ensuing action is hilarious and….we get to do special effects for this one. I have to say, this role is even better than Aida in “Over the river and through the Woods”

Callie or Nick may be familiar with “The Foreigner”.

We are looking at the possibility of combining a family weekend around the first or second weekend in August and having people see the play, hang out at our house, do the lake thing etc. Hans is thinking of leaving for a motorcycle trip the Monday following.

I am just giving you a really long advance notice…Mostly because I am excited about playing Betty. It is a big role and completely funny…something I have always wanted to do.

I read today that Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward built and appeared at their community theater in Connecticut . What a way to retire….give back what you know you are capable of to the people who live around you.