Monday, August 22, 2011

Aunt Myrna

My Aunt Myrna passed away this morning.  She was my Mother’s younger sister.  My Mother is from a family of 3 boys and 4 girls, Myrna was the third girl.  Don’t know her exact age but between 86 and 88 I am thinking.

Aunt Myrna was the “family beauty” and judging from old family photos that label was justified.  I didn’t know her well, she married and   moved to Texas.  I do remember her visits and she was what I would call a  “cosmopolitan” woman.  Well traveled and adventurous.  Her first husband was an executive with a Dallas company in the 50s and 60 with the lifestyle you would associate with that era. 

One of the family stories concerns one of histories biggest stories.  As I mentioned my uncle was an executive for Acme Brick Company in Dallas.  In November of 1963 he was in Europe on business.  His secretary gave away his tickets to the Kennedy breakfast since he was in Europe but he had gotten home the night before and could have gone.  Of course the breakfast never happened, the assassination happened instead. 

Another interesting fact, one of the other employees of Acme Brick was Robert Oswald who happened to have a brother named Lee Harvey.  Weird right?

Aunt Myrna’s second husband had a famous grandson-Bret Saberhagen.  A name that will mean something to baseball fans.  Aunt Myrna was nice enough to get us all autographed baseball cards.

Anyway, as I said, Aunt Myrna had an interesting life.