Friday, August 5, 2011

Softball Stars

(editor’s note: Today’s guest Blog is written by Mary’s daughter, and Mack and Ali are Mary’s Granddaughters. Thanks Heather, for the Blog and pictures!)

By Heather Besl

This year Mackenzie and Ali are the 2 that played softball. They both had very good seasons.

Ali played both infield and outfield. At this age they let them play most positions to know what goes on at each one. Mostly she was 2nd and left field. This is her 5th year playing so she is getting good. Her team was the chosen team to go to a Logger game as the Dream team and be introduced to all. They were chosen because they had the best record at the time.


Ali was number 21. She is good at batting but she usually hits it right to 1st base, which results in an out. But she is improving every year and enjoys it.


They finished this year with a 17 - 4 record. They played in 3 tournaments; they took 1st in one, 2nd in one and 3rd in another one. I think they did great this year!



Mackenzie has also played for 5 years and she really loves it and has improved a lot. Her team ended the season with a 19-5 record. She was number 18 and played pitcher, and 1st base. She has really improved at pitching; at one of the games I was at,in her first 8 pitches 7 were strikes.





They were in 3 tournaments and took 1st in 2 of them and 2nd in one.


Here they are with their medals from the last tournament, Mack’s team took 1st and Ali’s team took 2nd.

Ali’s teams had a lot of wins where the opponents never even scored.

Mackenzie’s team had a lot of very close games. So close that we thought they would lose, but majority of the time they would come back in extra innings and win by 1.

Since both girls played Randy and I had to take turns going to games. They only played at the same field 2 times, other than the tournaments, and at the same times; so one would go one way and the other the other way. I really enjoy watching them play and will miss that, but it makes the summer go fast when all you do is work and go to games.

I do look forward to doing it again next year!

By Heather