Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Mishmash of a Day

Today started out with Rex and me having lunch with my son Chad (on the left) and my daughter Heather (on the right).  After lunch Heather and I had to go on an urban hike to walk it off!!  We did better than Rex though….he went and took a nap!


ball 002

ball 006

This afternoon it was off to watch Mackenzie play ball.  Here she is at bat.

ball 009

Instead of pitching today, Mackenzie played short stop.  She had a couple of really good plays and it was fun watching her.  It was also cold!!  Sunny and 80 has yet to reach the Midwest.  And wouldn’t you know it the game was tied 11-11 after the usual 6 innings they played.  Unfortunately they lost 12-11, but it was a good game to watch.

kids 030

Remember Ali and RJ, here they are in the gas operated go cart.  Believe me Ali is a speed demon daredevil!!

With all the activities it is no wonder we are in bed exhausted by 8PM!!