Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cold Water Plunge!

Apparently, there is a cold water plunge challenge going around.  If I understand it correctly, a person is challenged to plunge into cold water and they have 24 hours to do it.  Then it has to be posted on Facebook.  If you don’t do it you have to donate a set amount to Breast Cancer research.

My granddaughter Mackenzie and her friend Lexi were challenged so to the river we went!

kids 035

Yup…..this is the river and it is cold!

kids 044

We sort of got distracted by this boy pulling in a small mouth bass!!  Nice fish!

kids 039

Here they are looking the situation over…..I think they are thinking “Do we REALLY want to do this”?

kids 040

Marissa and her friend Aniya making their way out to the platform (without getting wet) to video the plunge.  Gotta have video for Facebook!!

kids 047

With Marissa in position, Mack and Lexi are ready to jump!!

kids 049

And they are out of the freezing cold water!!

kids 054

Still smiling!!

kids 056

Back on dry land!!  You girls are great!!  I am truly grateful I didn’t miss this!