Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What A Day!!

We didn’t have anything on tap for today so I decided to bake rhubarb pie for my son-in-law Randy.  It is a tradition on my May visits.  He loves rhubarb pie and I love baking him something special because he is such a great husband to my daughter and a wonderful Dad to my grandchildren!!


kids 007

Aren’t they pretty??  I have to make two because he wants a whole one for himself and I like a piece too.  The rest of his family doesn’t care for it.  Rex had a couple of pieces and if I do say so myself, they turned out great.


kids 006

As long as I was screwing around in Heather’s kitchen, Rex decided to fry up the rest of the trout our friend Mark gave us for lunch.  YUM!!

kids 002

My granddaughter, Alisha, happened to be home with a headache today (I think she just wanted to hang with grandma!!)  Since she was there we decided to give her Mom a nice surprise by potting the flowers she got the other day.  Ali also vacuumed, swept the floors, helped fold laundry, and found all the stuff in the kitchen for me.  She is great help and I had a really fun day hanging with her!


kids 023

This is my granddaughter, Marissa,  she is graduating from high school the 24th and I will be able to attend.  These flowers are actually part of the decorations for the party.  Her school colors are red and white, hence red and white flowers.

kids 031 

This is my granddaughter Mackenzie.  She will be in a couple of other blogs…one for softball.  I will be attending a game tomorrow afternoon, so there will definitely be a blog about that!!  Looking forward to seeing her pitch.

kids 005 

Since I was on a roll, taking the kids pictures with the flowers, Ali had to get hers taken with them.  We had sunshine for the first time this week.  We are definitely not in Arizona!

kids 028

Finally, a grandSON!!  This is RJ (for Randy James), my youngest grandchild.  He is a brave boy…..with 3 older sisters to contend with!

kids 026

Yup,  another granddaughter!!  Maxine stopped by to see grandma on her way home from school.  She said her favorite subject in school is science.  Hope it continues to hold her interest…..

This blog is only missing 2 of my grandchildren, the 2 oldest, Greg and Delilah.  Hoping to get pictures of them in the next few days.