Monday, August 18, 2014

Clean Up

Heather downloaded over 350 pictures for me to use to write blogs of their vacation.  That is a LOT of pictures and I wish I could have used them all but that would have been a lot of blogs!! 

Anyway, this is the last blog on the subject of the Besl vacation so I am using some of the pictures that didn’t make the cut on the other blogs but that I really like.



I didn’t see this picture when I did the blog on the Grand Canyon and I really like it so here it is.




A couple views of the beautiful Grand Canyon that I just couldn’t resist adding.


I included this one because I really like this picture of Ali and I also like the background.


A controlled burn by Flagstaff that they ran across.



Another shot of the burn.


I have lived in Arizona since 2000 and been on I-40 many, many times.  I have never seen an elk.  Randy wanted to see one and they were nice enough to show up for him.


Not only one elk showed up but 2.


They were fascinated by the squirrels we have running around the RV park here.  They finally got a picture of that big bushy tail and pointy ears!!

Vacation pictures like vacations all come to an end.  This is the end!!


Rod Ivers said...

Some of us are missing Arizona while were here in Kansas, so thanks for the pictures.....