Monday, August 25, 2014

Project For Mary

We had quite an extensive list of projects for us to work on this summer.  The big one, of course, was the front stoop.  I believe it took us 3 weeks to get that done.

I had added a couple of painting projects inside.  The bathroom and the kitchen, neither of which will be worked on this summer.  I have come to realize we need to save some things to work on next year and since they all cost money, I need to save up for them. 

Having said that I decided that for my piece of mind I need to do something inside this year so I came up with a small painting project.


Prepping is the most pain in the ass part of a painting project.  It is also one of the most important parts.


Susie tried to be helpful!!



Since the space that I painted was so small, a lot of it required a paint brush.


Susie being helpful again!!


Done at last!!  How do you like the color…I wanted something bold as an accent.


Really done now…the curtain has been re-hung.

The nice thing about a small project, it doesn’t take very long!!  I don’t know maybe I can sneak in another small project this month.  We’ll see about that!