Monday, August 11, 2014

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure

When Heather said her and her family were coming to AZ for vacation, I started thinking about sites for them to see and things for them to do.  A month or so ago I was at a wine tasting and started chatting with a lady from Phoenix.  I told her about my daughter’s upcoming visit and that I was looking for things they would have fun doing.  She told me about an obstacle course in the trees located in Flagstaff.  The place is called Flagstaff Extreme Adventure. 



I thought this would be more legible, guess not, but essentially it tells the rules and guidelines of the course.  It also tells the the course consists of 6 levels, starting with green and ending with black.  The guides mentioned that only 20% of people get to the black level and only 10% finish the course.


Here is everyone getting harnessed up.


Everyone paying close attention to instructions given by Mikey, one of the guides.  Believe me it was a good thing they were paying attention!


This is the beginning of the practice course…it’s mostly a chance for everyone to get used to the equipment.


RJ getting a harness adjustment from Mikey.  RJ was the only one that had to use the kids course, which consisted of 12 different challenges.  He could do this course 3 times.  All the kids doing the kids course have to have an adult with them so that was my job since everyone else took off to do the adult course.



RJ just jumped right in.


RJ hooking his carbineer's.  He really paid attention during the instructions and I only had to remind a couple of times to put them opposite.  Loved the look of concentration on his face.


Except for the 2 zip lines on RJ’s course, RJ had his arms in the air the whole time.  He didn’t seem to get tired, although my arms were tired just watching him.

Guess I will end this blog with the kids course, tomorrow on to the adult course otherwise it will be way too long.

Oh and I sent the lady that told me about Flagstaff Extreme Adventure a thank you card.  She did us a great favor!