Sunday, September 21, 2014

Show Low Farmer’s Market

Show Low has a Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.  Of course I have to go, mostly to get tomatoes that taste like tomatoes.




As you can see there is quite a few vendors.




 These are sandstone wine racks.  They are really beautiful and something I haven’t seen before.



I also have never seen anyone selling heirloom seeds, but if I had a garden I would certainly be buying some.


These pizzelle cookies are Rex’s favorite.  They are really thin and crispy.


 This is just one stand that sells jewelry.  I don’t really look at them as I have more jewelry than I need to last me the rest of my life!




These are masks and for the life of me I cannot imagine why anybody would want one.


Another thing I haven’t seen at a Farmer’s Market before.  This vendor sells worm casings otherwise known as worm poop.  He also sells live worms to be let loose in your garden, I assume so you can have your own supply of fresh worm poop.


This guy sell grass fed organic beef.  It’s pretty good, I have bought hamburger and soup bones from him.

Well that is the bulk of things sold at this Farmers Market.  There are a few other craft item that people sell too.  Couldn’t get pictures of everything. 

I do like this Farmer’s Market but if just doesn’t come close to the one at Lake Tahoe!!  I sure miss it!!