Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The End

Oh my God…..I still had paint left!!   So I had to find something else to paint.  The $20 bookcase I got at the thrift store could definitely use a make over. 


This picture really makes the bookcase look a lot better than it actually does.


I can’t deny it, I always have a mess when I paint…..but this mess, the scattered newspapers and tipped over bucket was the work of two cats I know!!  So it’s not always me.  I had to prime this piece with Kilz.



Yup, at this point I can actually see the bottom of the paint can.  At last!!



Here it is…..finally done!!


Had to put this picture up.  The “Happy Campers” picture frame was a gift from our good friends Dawn and Cole.  I think I found the perfect place for it!! 

This brings my painting projects to an end for this year.  But I will be up for round two next year.  I already have paint samples to choose from!!