Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hot Springs

By Mary
Custom Smiley Today is a day off so we went to the big town of Markleeville, California. Markleeville has a population of 150 and an elevation 5900. It is also home to Grover Hot Springs State Park. It is set up pretty nice with a hot spring pool and a regular pool. For a $5.00 fee you can enjoy both. Which of course we did today, it was a nice relaxing thing to do on a day off!

This morning I did a dry run with our new back pack (refer to June 18 blog). I had to go to the post office and the hardware store. They are about a half mile from here, so I loaded up my pack with a 10.2# load and took off. It went pretty well but the straps cut into my arms, so I think I need to rig up some kind of strap to go across the front the hold them away from my arm pits. I am sure I'll figure it out.
Tonight we are having some more of our fresh bounty from yesterday's Farmers Market trip. Fresh corn on the cob is going to be GREAT!!