Monday, June 19, 2006

It's Bears Life

Custom Smiley A day off!! Yea!! There are two routes to go to Carson City from here. You can take HWY 50 which we took all last year and then there is the Kingsbury Grade, which I discovered this year and like a lot better. It isn't any shorter but it is less crowded, the descent is also steeper and shorter. In other words most of the distance covered is on more level ground, rather than mountain curves. Since I do most of the driving I like that. Anyway on the way down the mountain one day we noticed a huge structure and wondered what it was, so today Rex thought we should go up Kingsbury Grade and do some exploring. While driving around on the Grade, a smallish brown bear ran across the road in front of us and calmly crawled up the hill under the deck of a house. wonder I always hear of bear sightings on Kingsbury.

Last Thursday was payday and I noticed rib-eyes on sale at Safeway for $4.99 a pound, a quick trip to Safeway and Rex is having a rib-eye and now has two backups in the freezer. (He really likes rib-eyes!) A sour cream apple pie makes for a great day off menu!

Rex got a new t-shirt in the mail today from my daughter, Heather. The family's of soldiers group is selling them. Heather's husband, Randy, is currently stationed in Kuwait with his National Guard troop. Rex is modeling it below.

All in all a great day off!!