Sunday, June 18, 2006


By Mary
Custom Smiley I am thankful because I have completed day six of six days of work in a row and we have tomorrow off!!
As everyone knows, we do a fair amount of hiking and of course our new thing geocaching. On these little excursions we use what we call a "day pack" to hold the camera, water bottles, GPS unit, snacks, a whistle, clock, and various other little things we think we need. Anyway I hate it...the strap to carry it is just not comfortable. I finally mentioned this fact to Rex and although he didn't feel it was uncomfortable, he felt it was getting too small for all our necessary geocaching and hiking equipment. So last Monday we went to scope out new "day packs", we found one we liked then came home to do some internet research. We really didn't find one we liked better on-line and we certainly didn't find anything cheaper so after work today we went and bought the one we liked. Now Rex is busy outfitting it. Now we need a day off without a list a mile long so we can try it out!!
For all of you poker fans, we have had an exciting week at Harvey's. The World Series of Poker Tournament was there. They have one at Harvey's in February that is televised on ESPN. The qualifiers from this week, will be in Vegas at the Rio for the main WORLD SERIES OF POKER. Chris Ferguson was here also. He is a major player seen at final tables on ESPN and the Travel Channel all the time.