Sunday, June 25, 2006

What the Hell !!!

By Mary
Custom Smiley Rex is in love with another woman!!! AND I INTRODUCED THEM!!! What the hell is up with that???

Do any of you know who Paula Dean is??? Well SHE is the "OTHER WOMAN"!!

I think I have mentioned the Food Network here before. She is the host of "Home Cooking with Paula Dean".

She should be the poster girl of the dairy industry. She uses more butter and heavy cream than anybody I know. She even makes bread pudding with CRISPY CREAM DONUTS!!

In all seriousness, Paula Dean is a stitch to watch, she is very funny and being based in Savanna, Georgia, she has the cutest accent. She taste tests everything an does a great exagerated eye roll. If you haven't seen someday if you get a chance.