Monday, December 4, 2006

The Big Wind of '06

By Mary
Custom Smiley Remember my ranting and raving about the wind last Wednesday?? That was six days ago and the wind is STILL blowing…let me tell you people are getting mighty cranky!!

I think we have mentioned before all the development going on around here. This area has grown so much in the seven years we have been coming that it is just amazing. Anyway because this area is so popular, golf courses are being built left and right. There is a new one at the corner of HWY 95 and Boundary Cone Road which is the road we live on. There is another one under construction about three miles up Boundary Cone and on the other side. The first step in this construction is to totally clear the land of all vegetation. What do you think is happening in this very strong wind and cleared land? See picture.

I bet the developers of this project are REALLY cranky!! These sand drifts remind me of snow drifts…but it is sand…wonder if this is what the Sahara Desert longs like only on a larger scale??

Otherwise we are just plugging away at work…Rex had another big work week. He got 45.5 hours, I got 38. Winter at the AVI can be labor intensive, but as Rex has often mentioned….need all the hours we can get to take a long vacation in ‘08.

The AVI has grown along with the area in general these last seven years. One of their newest additions is a separate building housing and events center. This is called Mohave Crossing and has enough interior room for roping and penning cowboy events. This means we get to see a lot of cowboys (and cowgirls) here, complete with six inch belt buckles and spurs on their boots. Can’t forget the Indians…..we have our share them too.

The West is a very interesting place!!