Thursday, December 14, 2006

Messed Up!!


We both had today lets did this go.

1. Laundry

2. Rex has been pissing and moaning about waxing the camper and the fact that he has been unable to get to it because of the wind. So today there was not much wind so he arranged for adult supervision (that means I sat in a lawn chair and watched) while he climbed the ladder to the roof. The theory being if he falls I will be on hand to call 911 right away and he won't have to lay there long. From the roof, he reached over the side to wax the top section of the front of the trailer. This project took exactly 5 minutes...OK, done with that and on to Circle H for day off cocktails!! Of course, Rex still has the rest of the trailer to wax, but I am sure we will have more windless days!!

3. After happy hour at Circle H, we went back to the camper. Rex decided to work on the blog and I did prep work for our day off supper of pizza. Now I bet you are wondering why, if Rex was working the the blog, I am writing it??? Now that question has a pretty interesting answer. It is because he typed it and forgot to save it, the typed it again and again didn't save it. By that time frustration set in and here I am blogging. Desktop

I really shouldn't make fun of Rex's frustration level....he can be so patient and persistent sometimes. Take the little smiles we can now put on the blog. He worked for two days to figure out how to so that...and I get the benefit of his computer savvy!!

3D Santa These are so cute and there are tons of them... I am sure you be seeing a lot of them!!
Tomorrow it is back to work for me and another day off for Rex... Roulette


Anonymous said...

Glad to see ya posted that it was MAxines 2nd birthday..i'll remember that