Saturday, December 23, 2006



Our grandchildren Jamie and Tyler have gotten a year older (Tyler has his driver’s license). Tyler did great in football (running back) for the jr. varsity (undefeated). Keeps us busy with their games, which we thoroughly enjoy. Bobbie J0 and Brent were blessed with a little girl(Lauren Ann) born on July 31st Our first greatgrandchild. Tim, Ann and Todd are doing fine. Enjoying their children and grandchild. Bill’s mother is currently in a nursing home in Prairie du Chien. Of course, she would like to come home. After a tough spring with my health problems, Bill took me to UW-Madison Hospital where they decided that the transplanted kidney had to be removed. I have been feeling much better since and feel that I’m finally on the road to recovery. It was very hard to let them take the donated kidney that Mary Ann (Bill’s sister) so graciously gave me, but I guess my body just couldn’t tolerate it. I’ve been on dialysis for 15 months now and go three times a week to Platteville. I could have stayed at Prairie du Chien (La Crosse Site), but feel quite comfortable at Platteville, so didn’t want to leave there and go back to PDC. Although, (story is) they are going to open a site in Lancaster in the near future. That would save me 40 miles a trip, if I can get in there. Lancaster would include the same doctors and possibly staff. Something to ponder on: There are three sections six days a week at Platteville, twelve people each section. Thirty six patients six days a week. There is a much larger site in Dubuque, Iowa (15 miles south of Platteville), a smaller site in Prairie du Chien, and a new one opening in Lancaster. Take care of yourself; dialysis isn’t a lot of fun. Bill keeps busy taking me to dialysis, with a few breaks when Todd’s friend (Deanna Osterhaus) can take me. The dialysis patients are always anxious to see new faces. Bill’s cousin, Pam Frederick, took me a couple of times and his sister, Mary Ann as well. It was good for some of the patients to talk with Mary Ann about being a donor. They were quite impressed with her. Not to forget, I’ve driven myself a few times too. I think I did ok, I got home in one piece and I didn’t read anything in the papers about cars being pushed off the road.We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2007.
Bill and Kitty