Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Off!!

Today is Wednesday and I do not have to work...that makes today a very good day. What could make it better is for me to win the power ball lottery. The down side of that is the realization that my chances are astronomical!!

Today I got up and hopped in my car and went to Laughlin to the library. then I went to get a haircut. After that I had to get my day off Wal-Mart fix. There I finished my Xmas shopping.

On the way to Laughlin, I had to pass the fields on the reservations...the local Indians are historically really good farmers and grow several crops, among them, hay and cotton. After they harvest, they let a herd of sheep loose in the field to clean it up. They are in the picture above. I thought the picture would show up here..but it is at the beginning of this blog. Still learning how to navigate in blogger!!!

Tonight I finally cooked my lime marinated pork chops for our neighbors. They liked it!! Unfortunately I had to cook them inside as the wind returned today and no chance of firing up the Big gASS grill. It was still nice to have Steve and Meryl over. They are really nice people and good friends!!