Tuesday, December 5, 2006

No More Wind !!!

I woke up this morning to two things..silence and stillness. When the wind blows, the camper rocks just like the cradle in the nursery rhyme. Also the wind is loud. When I actually got out of bed it was real apparent that today was different from the last SIX days of wind..people were out and about!! Thank goodness!!

I made some sweet potato bread in the bread machine today, boy does it smell good!! It tastes good too but the smell is really wonderful. Rex had to sample it right away, this is one of his favorite breads. Mine too for that matter.

Tonight at work the band was so good.....the music was reminiscent of the Big Band Era, relaxing and mellow. Not often we get that type of music at work and I for one really enjoyed it.

The burros were back today, they must have decided to enjoy a day without wind with a nice long hike to the RV park. They sure are something...enjoyable to see at any rate, but they sure can be pesky.
For me today of day 5 of 6 which means tomorrow is my 6th day of work in a row but then I have two days off...Thank God!!