Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cocktails After Dark

By Mary
Custom Smiley It's Sunday....which means it is a day off. We did the usual day off stuff.... laundry, vacuuming, floor scrubbing, dusting, etc. Then we decided to make pizza for supper which necessitated a trip to the store.
Since we had to drive by the Circle H Saloon on the way home, we turned in and had a couple of cocktails.

When we got home from the store the neighbors, Steve and Meryl, were outside visiting with a couple they have been friends with for several years.

After their friends left, Steve and Meryl made it over to our campsite. We were making pizza and decided to have a impromptu cocktail/pizza party. By this time it was dark but we had a view of a beautiful full moon.

Well to be technical, I just looked at the calendar and the full moon is tomorrow, but it looked pretty full to us.

So here are pictures of all the usual suspects...

Steve and Meryl

Rex, the Swiss guy...

Mary, the grumpy looking pizza cook.


Anonymous said...

Why is that pizza cook grumpy????

Anonymous said...

I like the sofa outside...comes in handy huh! And that pizza maker sure is cute!