Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Late Entry From Friday!!

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***I wrote this Friday but couldn't post it then because I don't have internet access in Mt. Hope.

Friday Night in Wisconsin

So if you were in Wisconsin on Friday night what would you be doing?? The right answer is eating fish!! So I had fish and it was great!

I took my Mother out for lunch today, we went to a Mexican restaurant in MacGregor. It is located in the Alexander Hotel and it must be relatively new, at least it wasn’t there the last time I noticed the Alexander. Mother went with me to run some errands, I had a package to mail to Mississippi and had a bunch of change to take to the bank. Banks in Nevada don’t have coin counting machines because the casinos do, so I had a bunch of change that I wanted converted to bills. Actually it was $62.00. I was surprised, I didn’t expect it to be that much.

Then I went to Mother’s house to do some yard work. You know pull weeds, rake the gravel out of the lawn that the snow plow threw in it all winter, stuff like that. So then I decided to mow the yard, I just did it Sunday, but with a week’s worth of rain it needed mowing again. I was so happy that I was able to get the mower started after only three pulls …that must be a record. Imagine how disappointed I was when one of the back wheels fell off after about 10 minutes. OK, right across the street is a guy that has a repair shop. Nope he can’t put the wheel back on because he doesn’t have a bolt big enough. But he did sent me to another guy that sells and repairs stuff. That guy does carry Honda engines, but didn’t have a bolt like the one that fell off but could order one that would probably be here in week, but did I know where “Jim’s Small Engine Repair” was? No can’t say that I do…but he gave me directions and said he would help me put the wheel on if Jim had the proper bolt. So off to Jim’s I went. Lo and behold, Jim had the bolt!!
Back to the other guy…he did help me by putting the wheel back on. So after 2 hours and about 20 miles, I can get back to lawn mowing. Ah, the great country life in rural Wisconsin!! Gotta love it!