Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On The Road

By Mary
Custom Smiley The alarm rang at 5:00 AM today. A few last minute items in the suitcases and we hit the road. We left at about 5:45. Heather loves the desert scenery so she had great time looking around. We did see snow twice, once on the ground at a rest area about 20 miles before Flagstaff and then on mountain tops in the distance in New Mexico.

We got to Tucumcari at about 7:30 PM and yes, the Lizard Lounge is right where Rex and I left it last fall. We had supper there, great Mexican food. Then we went in search of a motel with free wi-fi. The Econ-Lodge fit the bill.

Today's mileage was 740 and we have a wake up call set for 5:30 AM so I'd better call it a day.