Friday, April 13, 2007

Yellow River Schedule

written by Mark
Custom Smiley Hi guys,
Sounds like everything is going well for you. Things are about the same as always here, waiting for the weather to warm up so we can get back to camping. Don't even have the thing out of storage yet. We had a great time at Grace and Charlie's wedding anniversary party a few weeks back, the whole gang was there to wish them well and help drink the beer.
We also became grandparents for the first time on March 8th when Luci Rae was born. Both her and Jayne's daughter Jodi are doing great. Here is a link to her web site if you want to see some pictures. There's some pictures of us with her on day 16 & 17.
The main reason for the note is that we will be up at Yellow River mothers day weekend right before Mary starts to head back west. We plan on getting up there on the morning of May 10th and have to leave on the morning of May 13th. It would be great if you could stop in for a visit and maybe something to eat (Sorry Mary, I won't be cooking a turkey over the fire) and with any luck, you might be able to score some trout and possibly mushrooms to take back to Rex. Don't know about the mushrooms, those are mighty hard to part with. Let us know if you think you can stop in for a visit.
For some reason I have problems getting your emails here at the City, you can try it but if I don't respond you might try posting something on your blog or give us a call.
Hope to see you next month Mary.
Travel well our friends,

Mark Hutchens,
P.E.Civil Engineer II
City of Des MoinesEngineering Department


Hi Mark,
Thanks so much for the invitation. As usual my trip home is going to be very hectic. I have much to do including finding storage for my belongings, major dental work, and most importantly spending time with my Mother. BUT the lure of fresh trout and mustrooms is strong so I will do my best to stop in Yellow River either Friday or Saturday afternoon.

Again thanks so much for the invitation and by the way Luci Rae is adorable!!