Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back Down The Mountain

By Mary
Custom Smiley Yesterday we showed pictures of our drive to work. Today we are going back down to the valley.

Daggett Summit at 7334 feet is the high point of our trip. From this sign to the valley floor is 8 miles. The valley floor elevation is about 4300 feet so the drop is pretty dramatic in a relatively short distance. The views are really spectacular!

On this part of the trip you can see the cut and how curvy the road is. I absolutely hate it when someone drives behind me and tailgates. That can be very scary, they make you want to go too fast for the curves.

Just another downward shot.

Here you can get a glimpse of the valley floor. There are a lot of really, really nice homes at the bottom of this road. What the hell do all of those people do for a living????

Another shot of the road, as you can see there really isn't much traffic on this road and that is a very good thing. I like the country feel of it.