Monday, June 4, 2007

Can You Beat This Commute???

By Mary
Custom Smiley We thought you might enjoy riding along with us to work. During May and September we stay in an RV park outside of Carson City, Nevada. That means we have to go up the mountain to Lake Tahoe to go to work. Here are pictures of our commute up the mountain.

This is the approach, the orange line follows the road from the valley floor to the top of the mountain and Lake Tahoe.

There are several "slow moving vehicle" signs and turnouts along the way up the mountain. Believe me, these turnouts are appreciated if you happen to be behind a truck that is down to about 20 miles an hour. The speed limit is 45.

As you can see we are on the "upswing" here. From the valley floor to the summit we go 8 miles and about 3,000 feet. The road is also exceptionally curvy. It can be very scary!

From where we are you can see the "cut" and where we are going.

As you can see bicyclist (at least the ones that must be in excellent condition) love this ride. Everyday we see people doing this ride on their bicycles. I can't even imagine the training they must go through!!

This is a good picture of the "cut". I really have no idea how much effort it must have taken to carve this road out of the mountain, but I am glad that effort was made. Even if this road is only two lane it still is my favorite route up and down the mountain.

Our first glimpse of the lake and the snow capped mountains on the other side of it.....what a sight!! We never tire of it and daily we are very aware of how blessed we are to be able to spend our summers surrounded by such a place. Lucky us!!

The goal....the casino we work in (Harvey's) is the building on the left. Chad, if you are reading this, the brown building on the right is the Horizon Casino where you will be staying in August when you come to visit.

I sure hope you enjoyed the commute with us....just remember---what goes up, must come down....tomorrow the downside!! Don't miss it!