Saturday, June 23, 2007


By Mary
Custom Smiley We thought it would be nice to show you pictures of the RV park we call home while we are in Lake Tahoe. It is called Chris Haven RV and Trailer Park. It is actually located in South Lake Tahoe, California.

This is the entrance to the park after turning off HWY 50.

This bear and welcome sign is carved from a tree stump.
This interesting shot is taken from the top of our trailer. Rex climbed up on the roof to take it. As you can see, pine trees are very plentiful. No lack of shade here!!

I know you have no idea what this is, but it is the top our our grill. The powdery looking stuff on it is the pollen that those plentiful pine trees release daily this time of year. This lasts for a month and makes a big mess all over. It's not as bad as fish flys but it is still VERY annoying!!