Thursday, June 21, 2007

You Better Belize It !!! (Part 7)

by Uncle Hans
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.......this is more progress downtown. These were food vendors, like a primitive food court. The food was local, good, cheap, and safe. I hope they are replaced in the renewal project... at the rum shop. It is the only place we can buy"over proof" rum which is 190 proof (yes, that's 95% alcohol. You cannot get alcohol any more concentrated than that as it pulls water out of the air and dilutes itself). You can bring two bottles per person back into the US. The 4 bottles we bring are like the equivalent of 12-15 bottles of standard rum. They are also enough to severely damage a jetliner if they leak and ignite in the baggage compartment. But they go through security just fine. Scary. We drink some as rum punch but the main use is lighting people on fire at our local bar in Spooner, Uncle Mike's. It is a funny bar gag for drunks, but eventually we will burn something unintended. That's scary too,but not as scary at the jetliner thing. Also we bought 3 Belizean cigars for smoking at the wedding in October. Special ceremonial honor. Looking forward to it.............

.............this, of course, is our "neighborhood" bar. Crazy Canuck's is owned by a guy from Calagary and most of the patrons are ex-pats and we know about a half a dozen. The bald guy is Pirate Jim, who is from Kenosha, a biker, and was married to a woman from Rice Lake (I buy my Yamahas from her brother) Small world. The same faces are there every time we visit...........

.......Olehandro is the bartender and a fishing guide I tried to hook up with Jason, but it never connected........

.........this is Pirate's Harley now and the faraway look he gets in his eyes when we talk about motorcycling is one reasons I will never live there full time. Nice place to visit though..........


saucersrus said...

What a place to retreat. Just be sure to keep your fire extinguisher handy!!

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