Sunday, June 10, 2007

Was SHE at Cheese Days???

By Mary
Custom Smiley This morning we happen to tune into Paula Deen's show. Two of the dishes she prepared on her show today were sticky buns and omelets in a bag......our Cheese Days menu last year!! Was she there? Did we miss her? We sure were surprised to see our recipes on her show!!

Today was our fourth day of work in a row and we still have tomorrow to go....I was really getting used to the "work 2 days, have 2 days off, work 2 days, have 1 day off" schedule. It has been a tough week, I am not used to working so much! But I know I will feel better about it on payday.

I anxiously read our blog today. I didn't read the Belize series when Hans sent it so it is all new to me. I have really enjoyed seeing the photos of places we visited when we were there in "04". Hopefully we will go back again some day, we really enjoyed it!

On the good news Mother, bless her heart, has made it home from the "home" and is now in her own house. She is doing well and we are all very thankful.

The weather is finally getting better, I didn't care much for that snow storm and really didn't like driving in it!!! Sunny and 70 is much better!