Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Eldorado Wine Country

Chad and I went to Placerville Wine Country today. We visited four wineries and one brewery. When you visit wineries and breweries you do a lot of taste testing!! This picture was taken on the deck of the Jodar Winery. Chad bought a bottle of Cabernet there. The lady doing the taste testing was kind enough to take this picture.

Chad is standing by grapevines outside the Madrona Winery....if you look close you can see the grapes.

This is the Jack Russell Brewing Company. Chad works in a brewery so he was really interested in the workings of this very small brewery. He was actually fortunate enough to have a long visit with the brew master.
After our wine/brewery tour we went into Placerville to have lunch and do a little shopping. The last time Rex and I were in Placerville he got a pair of sox he really liked so I got him a couple more pair. They are made out of alpaca wool and really soft. It isn't often that he really likes something so it was actually a treat to find something he does!!
We work at 6AM tomorrow so will pick Chad up at 2PM to hang out at the camper. We intend to put stuff on the grill and just relax. Sounds like a plan to me!

Chad's Lake Tahoe Visit Web Album Link, and as usual clicking on slideshow gives the best presentation of the photos. We will be adding to the Album as the week progresses.