Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Update from Nikki in La Crosse

Hi ...it seems I haven't talked to you guys in a long time......

Way to go on the diet Rex.....you're are the biggest loser here at my place...infact your the only loser..ha!

We (Maxine,me,Kathy ,and Layla) went to sesame street live Thursday night, enclosed are a few pics....

Then last night Jesse and I went to the Dave Matthews concert at Alpine Valley. I have driven over 400 miles in the last 2 days....ugh! just for a concert. We decided we are way to old for that anymore! Also it was a valley, and full of mud and people were slipping down the hill like they were on sleds on a hill of ice trying to get closer to the stage. We of course saw one person slide so we choose to stay on cement. That too ended up real slippery and we left before the last 30 minutes of the concert to get to the car before it was a mad house of 80,000 people and probably 75,000 of them drunk. Then the fun part, getting out of the parking lot with all those people and it was very slippery like ice....good thing we made it ! So thats whats been up my way!

Hope you enjoy the pics of the finest cowboys around!!


Anonymous said...

should have put a arrow above Maxine so everyone knows which one she is and i guess i didn't send the pic of the sesame street people dressed up as cowboys..oops!!!