Thursday, August 23, 2007

Urban Hike

Sometimes I like to hike around town. Last Thursday, when Rex had to work but I had the day off, I hiked to Harvey's and rode home with him. It was a 5.4 mile hike that day!! Anyway I decided to take another "urban hike". So here are some pictures of my "walkabout".

This is a rare commodity in Lake Tahoe....a sidewalk!! For some reason square blocks and sidewalks are almost unheard of.

This is a dirt path through the trees....remember I am in town!!

Lots and lots of people get married in Lake Tahoe every week. This is one of the many wedding chapels here. They are very accommodating--you can even get your marriage license here!!

One of the reasons I like to walk...this mural is on the side of a building and I never noticed it before.....

Mid-day Hwy 50 traffic. Not bad at this time of day but on week ends it is often times bumper to bumper.

This was my goal today....the lake!! I just wanted to sit on a bench and watch the water, boats, seagulls, and enjoy the weather.

This staircase leads down to .........


While sitting on my bench watching the lapping waves, they started calling my name. I couldn't resist dipping my feet in that nice cool water. It felt really good after my three mile hike to the lake!!


Anonymous said...

I love looking at pics of my mom!!!!I love her!!!!