Thursday, August 2, 2007

Odds and Ends

**********HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!! *******

Today is Heather's birthday, but she got her present last Friday with the birth of Randy James.

Now we will be anxiously waiting on Monday for news about Amy's baby. Good thing we have the day off!!

Gosh, we really didn't have anything to blog about today so guess I will just have to "wing" it. Rex went to bed early without posting anything so here goes.

Most of the evening we have been watching the horrendous news cast of the bridge that collapsed over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis this evening. What a horrible disaster.

Trader Joe's sells really nice canned crab that is found in the refrigerated case so we had crab cakes for supper tonight with radish tartar sauce, I really liked it but Rex didn't care for the tartar sauce much. It was a recipe out of my Weight Watcher's cookbook......I am really trying to help Rex out with his diet and I can certainly benefit from healthier eating. Sure helps to have all that nice fresh produce from the farmer's market.

We only worked 7 hours today so had a long afternoon to take a hike and catch up on e-mails and blog reading. That is about all we did too. A very uneventful day for us.