Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"T" Is For Tuesday Which Is For FARMER'S MARKET!

I never have a problem getting up and at'em on Tuesday. That is because I get to go to The Farmer's Market. Rex even likes to go, and although he doesn't go every Tuesday he did today. He decided it would be great blog material and wanted to play photographer.

This is a shot of the "pop ups" the vendors use to keep out of the sun with. Lots of them isn't there? Jeez I am almost shaking with excitement!

This lady provides a good representation of the variety of vegetables that she grows and sells. Her husband sells flowers such as glads, zinnias, sunflowers, and stuff I don't know the names of.

This stand just has flowers and always the most beautiful hydrangeas. She also sells flower bulbs.

Wow which one do I choose??? They also have watermelons with yellow flesh.....but it isn't going in my bag......watermelons have red flesh in my world!!

Tomatoes.....gotta love 'em. Nothing tastes better than garden fresh tomatoes. One booth has heirloom tomatoes, they are actually a lot of different colors and sure are not shaped perfectly, but they taste great!

It was really hard to choose which pictures to put in this blog, this market has so much more than fresh produce. There is wine, flavored olive oils, fresh tortillas, cheeses, pottery, soaps and sponges, baked goods, all kinds of stone fruits, and fresh herb plants. There is also people there making fresh crepes and fresh tamales. Please check on the link to check out some more of the pictures Rex took of this
great place!! (Click on the slideshow button for the best presentation.)