Saturday, November 10, 2007

I have been remiss…

I’ve been very lazy and not blogging at all which leaves Rex with the burden of coming up with a daily idea. It is not easy to do and he is really good at it but even he needs a break once in a while.

Being back in Mohave Valley is really nice. This area is definitely the desert and it took me several years to appreciate the desert landscape. Hiking in it has definitely helped and so has seeing the desert in bloom after a rainy winter a few years ago. Last year we started geo-caching and that really got us out hiking. In fact I think on Monday we will be out there on another cache. Rex has been itching to try one we didn’t get to last year. Stay tuned in for pictures!!

Another reason I like it here is my gym. It is close to where we live so I go about 4 to 5 days a week. On Thursday I started working out with a trainer and I am so sore I can hardly move. I decided to work with a trainer because Beach Bumming ‘08 is coming up and that makes me think about wearing a swimming suit in public. Lets just say it isn’t a pretty sight--but I hope to improve!!

And of course my favorite library is in Laughlin. I have already checked out season 5 of “24” for my friend Steve. He enjoys seeing a whole season in a couple of weeks. Seems like most TV series these days are presented in serial fashion. If you miss an episode or two you might as well forget it. Another reason I usually watch Food or HGTV.

Guess this is about all that’s on my mind today!