Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reality Bites Back

I will take sympathy on you, Rex, but mostly on your loyal readers. Last night Wendy had the final performance of her play, called Reality Bites Back. Her theater group is based in a retirement community called Voyager Village so it is mostly old people. They are all enthusiastic theater people, but no one wants to act. Wendy got recruited in the supermarket a few years back because of a longstanding love of acting and has been the youngest member of this group ever since. They do a dinner theatre in the fall and a summer play in August. Here she is as Judge Tammy.

........The play involves a reality show in which a snack food tycoon has his own reality show to give away a million bucks and the CEO job of his own business (like Survivor and The Apprentice combined). He has run contests in the past which were exposed as rigged so he hires Judge Tammy to make it seem legitimate. It turns out to be rigged anyway and the hose gets murdered so the audience has to help solve the murder. Kinda cute......... part was chauffeur. Since I had no one to attend with, I took a volleyball friend and his blind wife in the Cadillac........with champagne and roses and the chauffeur uniform and etc. Great fun.... all remember the Cadillac. It was our Dad's, my mother hated it, I bought it from her as she was trying to sell it after he died, now it shows up at weddings, funeral, proms, and anywhere that needs a limousine with chauffeur. The license plate is personalized. It is German for "finally", which has turned out to be an appropriate comment for most of the events!!........... are Fred, Jane, and Wendy having a drink and reviewing the play, which was quite good............(the Cadillac shows up later in the Wedding Blog, which will appear when I get off my lazy ass and write it)

Uncle Hans