Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where's A Good Place To Eat?

Where's a good place to eat?? I get that question a lot while I am standing at a dead table. I actually get asked more at Lake Tahoe than here in Laughlin because in Lake Tahoe the customers change every week but in Laughlin we have a lot more regulars. I really hate that question. Rex and I both like to cook so quite frankly, we rarely eat out. Even while we traveled cross country we bought sliced ham, tortillas, veggies, nuts, and crackers.

Update on my training sessions. I know why the contestant on "The Biggest Loser" have a love/hate relationship with the trainers. I also know why, on the role reversal show, they show no mercy. Having said that, I am making progress, I can make the moves much more smoothly, and while I still sweat like there's no tomorrow, I don't feel like I want to swear at the trainer-most of the time anyway. I'll know better Friday when I take measurements but I think I will be pleased.

Remember last week when I was bragging about the "summer like" weather we were having. Well it came to a halt last week. It now get pretty cold (in the 30's) at night. We've also had several days of wind...yuck....I really hate the wind. Oh well we don't have anything I have to scrape or shovel, so I can manage even if I do have to sleep with my hot water bottle.

Oh, to get back to the question....where's a good place to eat?? The obvious answer has to be "My House"!!


Anonymous said...

whats the deal...pink peanuts????

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, getting closer to revealing the secret. LOL