Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving in La Crosse

Wow...glad its over!

Cooking a Turkey is hard work....and all the other stuff .

Shit, thats just getting the timing right...all of which i did not do, the green bean casserole was done 15 minutes after everyone was done eating.. See i have issues with times... Lucky for me, i had Jesse as my Sous Chef....

Oh well, it all turned out to be ok...not too many pics as i did what i do best and that was stuff my face and run to bed and slept;)

My brother Chad, my brother in law Mark, and my mother in law Deb along with my crew were all into the Packer i was soooo into that bed! Packers took the win i hear.......not that big of a football fan.

Jesse's mom cut his and Mark hair too, Chad did his laundry and i took a nap when i should have been taking pictures.....oh well!!!!

I insisted on paper plates. i was only doing dishes 5 times tops today and had that achieved before noon....when i woke up from my nap everything was cleaned up;) I'll have to remember that tip next year too! Everyone went home around 4 ish and 5 minutes later Maxine was sound asleep on the sofa!!!!

Hope everyone else had a 22 lb turkey!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Anonymous said...

Those are some great looking kids there;)