Monday, November 12, 2007

What An Alarm Clock!!

Saturday night at work Rex got tagged for overtime…because he deals craps and there was a wild craps game going on. So at 2 AM when he was more than ready to go home….oops no go. He ended up working until 4 AM and doing a 10 hour shift. And since we ride together I was stuck in a casino for 2 hours with nothing to do. Good thing I have a favorite slot machine!!

Also because we actually live across the river once we got home it’s suddenly 5 AM. So by the time we get home and finally get to bed it is almost 6 AM. That is a problem since the Packer game starts at 11 AM here. Wasn’t a problem though…he got right up when I said hey it’s 10 minutes to 11. What makes that so amazing is Rex really likes his sleep and he hates sleeping less than 9 hours. I only know of three things that will make him agreeably go without his normal 9 hours. The Packers, being on vacation, and being in Las Vegas!!

We got our schedule for week 24 on Friday. Again we got only four days of work. We both really like that schedule but our bank accounts and creditors hate it!!

Hey if you want to see some really cute pictures of the Saucer boys and get caught up on their antics check out Amy’s blog. She has been updating almost daily and it is well worth checking out.

We sure enjoyed seeing pictures of the first snow in Spooner. Snow makes such a pretty picture!! Glad I’m not there.


saucersrus said...

I agree snow is very pretty for PICTURES!!! I sure don't miss the other aspects of snow.