Thursday, March 26, 2009

Commute to Work

Last summer Rex did a blog about our commute through the mountains to work at Lake Tahoe, so I decided to do one about our commute here in the desert.

This is right after turning out of the driveway from the RV park.

We had a lot of spring rains and this shows an uncharacteristically green desert. It will not take long for this vegetation of burn off once the temps get up there.

We still have lots of sand blowing around from these dunes.....the blue tarp on the fence gets mostly shredded in the 20 plus mph winds we routinely have. Sometimes it blows like drifting snow across the road!!

On the left is a housing development called Mesquite Creek.

This golf club is new this year, we saw the construction taking place last year but it is now open for business and is fast becoming one of the area's favorites.

A nice sign advertising our favorite casino!! The AVI Resort and Casino which supports our lifestyle in the winter. I am sorry to say that my photographer (Rex) didn't take a picture of our destination-The AVI. Don't really know why but this is all of the pictures I have of the drive....oh well that's just the way it goes sometimes!!


Anonymous said...

Next time..take the beer out of his hand and wrap the camera string around his wrist!!) Looks like a nice commute. J