Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wisconsin Quarters

I save all of the Wisconsin quarters that come my way. The main reason is because I have a granddaughter, Maxine, that was born in 2004, the year the quarter came out. Someday Maxine will get one BIG pile of Wisconsin quarter!! Who knows, maybe by that time there will be enough to buy a college textbook....they aren't cheap you know!! Rex saves Alabama quarters for the same reason. His grandson Alan was born in Alabama in 2003.

This picture shows a Wisconsin quarter with everything it needs...a cow, cheese, and corn!! Love it!!

So when I was in Lake Tahoe last summer at one of the many craft shows, it was a short decision making process to decide I wanted this enameled Wisconsin quarter. I think it is really cool!!

This is the other side done with red enameling which was the color I liked best.

The guys that make these quarters have a website. In addition to state quarters they also have other US coins, plus coins from just about every country. I especially like the lady liberty is truly beautiful. So here goes: One warning though, they are usually travelling to shows and it is sometimes time consuming to get stuff from them. The last time I ordered it took 9 weeks to get my quarter.....but worth the wait!!


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