Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Crazy Lady

I was leaving Wal-Mart the other day with my purchases (all in reusable bags), pushing my cart toward my car. In the parking lot I noticed a pickup truck with a load of hay bales in the bed. Being a Wisconsin farm girl, I notice things like that. Boy it has been a long time since I have seen hay bales that size, just like the ones I spent a great deal of my summers as a kid loading into an elevator that took them to the hay mow.

So totally on impulse, I stopped my cart, stuck my nose in a bale and took a big whiff. Then I heard a woman's voice saying "EXCUSE ME, CAN I HELP YOU"? So I told her about growing up on a Wisconsin farm, etc, etc. She just shook her head.....I am sure she thought she had just had a run in with a real crazy lady. Oh well, the hay did smell really good and I enjoyed it!


Al Bossence said...

I would have done the very same thing:))