Sunday, May 17, 2009


As Rv'ers we are still using our direct tv system daily. We have one receiver and use it with our three TVs. Our third TV is the old Sony which we use outside.

The programming offered by direct tv is diverse enough to appeal to every one's watching preferences. I am amazed at the facts of nature I have learned from watching The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and The Science Channel.

Fit TV is another favorite workouts daily!! WOW who can't get into that? No gym fees!!

Direct TV also has Soapnet, not to mention networks such as USA, TNT, WGN, Spike, and Lifetime. Some of these networks have original programing that have been taking the honors at The Emmy's.

For all those "foodies" out there is is hard to find a more perfect network than The Food Network.

And all of you news junkies have CNN, Fox News Channel, and Headline News. The sports nuts are also not forgotten....
Direct tv has it all!!

As I said,
direct tv has enough diversity for everyones TV interest and it's affordable too!!