Friday, May 22, 2009

Rhubarb Pie

My son-in-law Randy likes seeing me when I come to visit. That is saying a lot, he likes to have his mother-in-law come to town. Now what is the reason for that?? It's simple, he loves rhubarb pie and I always manage to find time to make him one.

The pie shell ready to fill. I confess, I use Pillsbury's refrigerated pie crust. It is so simple and I never did have the knack for "from scratch" pie crust that my Mother has. Of course where would I find home rendered lard these days?

I actually made two rhubarb pies while I was home, this is the top crust I was preparing when I made one at Mother's. See that cut little tool at the top?? That is a pastry wheel and makes a nice scalloped edge on the crust when you use it on a lattice top. I found that pastry wheel in Mother's utensil drawer and since I have never done a lattice crust top before I decided to try it. Oh and that cute little resides in MY utensil drawer. Mother graciously gave it to me. Thanks Mother!!

The filling is in and lattice top is in progress.

My first lattice top pie and it was really fun to do-AND-doesn't it look pretty?? It also tasted great!! Randy sure liked it!!

I love spring in Wisconsin for more than fresh rhubarb (which is selling in the store here for 2.49/lb) but also for morel mushrooms.

I did get to have some mushrooms, they were great but really expensive. Sorry don't have any pictures of them...I forgot because Rex is actually the camera guy and he was sweating his b***s off in Arizona.


Tony Cornett aka Firedude said...

You guys are not helping my diet at all! ;-)