Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cotton Pickin’ Time in AZ

It’s October so that means it is time for the Indian’s to harvest their cotton fields.  I always find this process interesting.  I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin—NO COTTON THERE!!  So anyway when I went to the library Friday I drove by the fields and took these pictures.

101009 028

This is a shot of the cotton field ready for harvest.  These plants are a beautiful green before they dry up to indicate they are harvest ready.

101009 025

This is a cotton plant….really interesting!!

101009 031

A close up of the cotton and an unopened cotton pod.

101009 033

Today’s “cotton picker”.  I wonder if it has any resemblance to Eli Whitney’s cotton gin??

101009 034

The harvested bales lined up for shipment.  Each bale is large enough to fit on a flat bed trailer. 

As I said before this is a really interesting crop for me.